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Our Logo

Our Logo

The logo of EcoSatva Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is inspired from the spiral of Fibonacci sequence where numbers are harmoniously linked with complex correlations. In a similar manner, various elements of nature form an intricate network shaping a complete and functioning system. The colours in the logo represent five basic elements of nature (५ ज) viz. Water (जल), Forest (जंगल), Land (जमीन), Animals (जनावर) and People (जन). We believe that humans are indeed a part of nature and we at EcoSatva try to work on every aspect of the nature to revive it to a functional system.

Our Promise


Fostering institutes, organizations and businesses as the catalysts of positive change towards environmental conservation, social sustainability and supporting life for all.


Enabling the institutes, organizations and businesses to contribute towards a sustainable future, proactively contributing to climate change mitigation through biodiversity conservation.

Some of Our Services

Our services range from assessments and surveys to enhancing nature based local livelihoods. We cater to various systems viz. organizations, institutes, industries and companies who wish to make meaningful changes and compliances towards the environment.

Biodiversity Profile

Tree Census and monitoring

Sustainable Landscaping

Employee Engagement

Environment Education

CSR Impact Assessment

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